Hi, I’m Viva Gold. I have a hubby and two grown daughters. I am North West London, born and bred, but love to travel. I work practically full time and have a very active social life with family and friends.


And then there’s this crazy, beautiful, amazing other part


of my life – the book world. I started off reading MF, but once I discovered MM, all bets were off! I love it! It has brought so many fantastic people into my life; authors, readers, bloggers, models – it’s been an incredible journey so far.

As Fiona Rachel Warner, I guest review for Books Laid Bare Boys and am proud to make up one third of the shiMMer UK MM author event team.

But of course, writing MM is my passion and I am extremely excited to be involved in the DreaMMers group and Aubergine Publishing.

Viva’s stories are erotic and explicit. They contain BDSM elements; taboo suggestions and extreme sexual practice. (No poo though, I promise!) My characters are often wilful and arrogant, yet are fiercely loyal and protective of what’s theirs. I like them to be realistic based on demographics and social standing, but they also have to be sexy, gritty and oftentimes needy. They are all handsome and gorgeous and beautiful. My fantasies brought to life through words.

My stories are mainly set in England – a lot of the time in London. The way I write has a distinctly Brit

ish feel because….I’m British! I use coarse language relevant to the character and try to research as much as possible to ensure everything is accurate and authentic. And I do mean everythinglol! Yay – lucky me…

But most of all, I love words and all the power they contain. Subsequently, it is my ultimate goal in life to use my words for your pleasure and enjoyment.

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