shiMMer 2017


Here are our thoughts about the day:

My thoughts about shiMMer by FIONA RACHEL WARNER – TEAM SHIMMER
It’s taken a couple of weeks for my post-shiMMer afterglow to fade after the most epic weekend of my life, but shiMMer has been and gone and now I feel like I can get my thoughts and feelings in order enough to write about it.

Firstly there has to be so much love and thanks to everyone who came and supported the event. We had authors and readers and bloggers and helpers. Every single person that crossed the threshold of Aston Villa Football Club’s Holte Suite that day was amazing!

Saturday 1st July 2017 will be forever etched into my memory as the day that MM really came to life for me. Up until that point I always felt on the periphery edging (yes edging) my way in, until finally something gave (yes I went there) and shiMMer exploded everywhere!

You may have noticed our brightly coloured turquoise promo on Facebook from time to time – oh ok, so we flooded everyone’s timelines, yeah, yeah, I make no apologies. But it had the desired effect. We managed to reach a wide and diverse group of people all connected with the MM genre and even some MM virgins came for the first time that day. (Sorry, can’t help myself).

Our special guest was Mickey Taylor. He is the face of Books Laid Bare Boys, the blog that presented the event. He wound his way into everyone’s hearts with his very candid reading from his biography, of a pivotal and shocking life changing event in his childhood. It was an extremely emotional session and I suspect many people changed their minds about this amazingly talented young man after hearing him. That old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ was never more poignant or true.

All the author events went spectacularly well. The feedback has been incredible and this is certainly something we’ll look to repeat in some format next time. We wanted very much to make shiMMer different to the other meets which have more of a ‘con’ feel to them. Our aim was to bring authors and readers together for the chance to meet and chat about the books; to give authors a chance to peddle their wares and build their fan base, and hopefully make some sales too. It’s my understanding that all of that happened.

Our chosen charity, BeingMe Campaign, benefitted from all our generous visitors to the tune of £560. This is fantastic and just goes to show the wonderful nature of the people in our genre.

The atmosphere throughout the day was electric. Everyone was sociable, friendly, kind, and there was a huge amount of laughter rocking the room.

I came away from the day with a boot load of swag and books, but more than that, it felt like I’d spent the day with family. I was glitter fuelled and love infused and just so very happy.

Thank you all once again, and roll on shiMMer 2019 – I can’t wait!



Its been exactly one month since shiMMer and I can’t believe how fast its gone.
When I started Books Laid Bare Boys I never thought I would have the opportunity to put on a signing, let alone do it with some wonderful friends.
The blog has led me to discover some fabulous books, meet lots of authors and readers who I am honoured to now call friends and has changed my life completely.
I made the decision to ask Fiona to come on board and help review and as some of you know, we get up to all sorts 😂😂😂
Obviously I also want to thank Carol who is Books Laid Bare, the mf side of things. She encouraged me to set the blog up and I couldn’t have done it without her.
And then there is the face of Books Laid Bare Boys, Mickey Taylor who very kindly agreed to me using his picture and also agreed to let us put him on a massive screen for shiMMer. Meeting him and getting to know him has been a pleasure….
Reading books may be a solo pastime but really we belong to a massive group of like minded friends and I am so grateful to be part of it.
Planning is underway for shiMMer 2019 and I hope to see lots of you there Suzanne

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