Born and bred in the vibrant city of Leeds in the North of the UK, I’ve always loved reading, and one of my fondest memories from childhood was the weekly visits to the library with my dad. It always seemed such a magical place to escape into through the books I read on a weekly basis.

I’d not really thought about writing in my adult life until I was introduced to the world of Fanfiction, and after reading so many, I found myself making friends through this new media. My friend, Lori, told me to have a go at writing one. That work took on a life of its own and opened my eyes to the possibilities. This allowed me to get used to plotting a story while making the characters my own. I also started to beta/pre-read for others and discovered that, much to my surprise, they valued my opinion and input.

Making the move to write M/M, or slash as it’s known, took me a little longer. After becoming good friends with a wonderful lady from Illinois called Angela who told me (repeatedly), “You should write slash, I think you’d be good at it.” I shied away from the idea for so long, but the seed was firmly sown in my mind and soon took root. I decided to write a short piece as a surprise gift for her birthday that year. Emailing it to her, given the time difference between the UK and US, this meant I was desperately waiting for her to see it and I think I heard her delighted scream.

In 2013, fate intervened and I lost my job. Through my new one, I met Nicole Colville, and the rest, as they say, is history. This marked the start of a beautiful friendship. She encouraged me to make the switch to writing original fiction, and in 2014, I signed up for NaNoWriMo and smashed the 50K word goal in 30 days with a story I love and am proud of.













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